| Mobile Sport massage

1 or 2 Spa Therapists will come to your hotel room/suite/villa or house with their massage tables.  Please, before you make a Reservation with us, make sure that:

·         Your accommodation’s Management allows free-lance massage therapists in.

·         There is enough space for 1-2 massage tables 2.5 m x 1.0 m (8.20 ft x 3.281 ft) inside or outside!!

·         Because of difficult accessibility only at Oia village area, we charge transportation fees extra + € 50/appointment.

·         You leave us the name of your hotel in Santorini and your room number, in the comments section below.

·         Minimum advance Reservation option in our Booking Engine is 1 day – meaning, it does not accept any Bookings for the same day. Please, for same day scheduling, email us or call first and allow at least 3-hour notice. ​​